Applications for Summer 2020 are now closed.

One Thousand Full Scholarships

Summer 2021 applications start in Fall 2020.

Making a Difference

The Nudelman Family Trust offers one thousand scholarships to bright students.

The Nudelman Family Trust is granting one thousand full scholarships to students for our programs at all our university locations across the US and Canada, including Stanford and Harvard.

Digital Media Academy is dedicated to offering world-class STEM education globally through its Tech Camps, STEAM Learning Lab, and Certified Schools Programs. We believe that all driven and motivated students should have access to high-quality STEM education experiences. As a part of our mission to increase the number of women in STEM, half of our scholarships will be reserved for girls.

These scholarships will be awarded based on both merit and need and will cover the cost of tuition, meals, and facility fees. Housing will not be included. Scholarship applications will be closed two weeks prior to the start date of the chosen course.

Applications are now closed for Summer 2020.

To be considered for our scholarships, all applicants must complete the Digital Media Academy Tech Camps Scholarship application in full. You will need the following information to complete your application:

  • Personal Information
  • A written statement/essay that states why you should be granted the scholarship
  • Grade Point Average (upon receiving the award, you will be required to submit a proof of academic performance).
  • A recommendation letter from an educator.
  • Declaration of Income
  • Desired Digital Media Academy Tech Camps location(s) and course(s) of interest for Summer 2020.

Ages 10-18 are eligible to apply

Apply for Summer 2021 starting Fall 2020.

Scholarship Information

Application Details

The Selection Committee will review the application and select recipients based on the information provided in the application. Academic performance, the recommendation letter, income, and personal statement will factor in the decision-making process. The final course selection will occur at least two weeks before the program starts. The award is subject to change.

Digital Media Academy Tech Camps will only consider and process scholarship applications that include all the supporting documentation outlined above. (No exceptions.)

All applicants that have already submitted a scholarship application in previous years must re-submit their information in order to be considered for a scholarship in the current year. Digital Media Academy Tech Camps will not offer scholarships retroactively for any course that has already been paid in full for this season. Any down payment, payment plan, or other payment option used will forfeit any aid.

Please do not call our office to inquire about your scholarship application. Any questions should be sent to