Computer Science + AI Summer Camps

STEM Courses For Teens & Kids | Ages 9-18

Computer Science + AI Summer Camps

STEM Courses For Teens & Kids | Ages 9-18

Computer Science + AI Summer Camps

Computer code runs the world – and computer programming careers are ranked as the top opportunities in any industry. Learn basic and advanced techniques for creating code for computers, iPhone®, iPad®, Android™, robots, video games, and more.

Our one and two-week computer science courses in this Learning and Career Pathway for students 9 – 18 use the most popular and up-to-date software and programming languages and development frameworks such as Java, React Native, C#, and Python.

Teen Courses + Academies

One-Week + Two-Week Programs for Teens  •  Ages 12-18

Artificial Intelligence Academy

Dive into Artificial Intelligence as you learn the basics of how machine learning and AI works and how to start making your own machine-learning-powered projects.

Intro to Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning with Python

Using systems like neural nets and special algorithms, students will teach computers to do things like recognize faces and images, play games, or find complex patterns.

Applied Data Science & Artificial Intelligence with Python

Get ready to bring Artificial Intelligence to your projects! Dive in to the theory and math of machine learning, and solve data problems using those skills and strategies.

Software Development & Coding Academy

Learn the basics of Java programming and master more advanced topics that will enable you to create your own apps and prep for the AP Computer Science exam.

Intro to Java Programming

Prep for the AP Computer Science Exam while learning Java basics. Learn Object Oriented programming to create multi-class games and applications.

Mobile App Development with React

Learn to build exciting new multi-platform Apps for today's most powerful mobile platforms, Apple's iOS and Google Android devices, using React Studio.

Adventures Camps

One-Week Courses for Kids  •  Ages 9-12

Adventures in Artificial Intelligence

Create a learning machine through artificial intelligence! Use Scratch to train a machine to learn, to chat with people and automatically interact with events.

Adventures in LEGO® Robotics & Programming

Build and program robots using LEGO's powerful MINDSTORMS® EV3. Work as a team to complete projects and win games created for EV3.