Digital Media Academy Partner Programs

Through strong partnerships, Digital Media Academy is able to bring the power of our cutting edge curriculum and instruction to partners and educational institutions around the world. When you attend a program Powered by Digital Media Academy, you can expect the same top quality instruction and curriculum that you would get at any one of our full programs, wrapped in a camp experience created by our partners.

Digital Media Academy partners with schools, individuals, governments, and educators to bring the best STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) education from Silicon Valley to the world. Learn more about partnering with Digital Media Academy and get in touch with us here.

Partner Programs Powered by Digital Media Academy

Experience Digital Media Academy Tech Camps at our partner program locations around the world.

The Nueva School

San Mateo, California

Intelligent Futures

Melbourne, Australia

Greentown School

Hangzhou, China

Elite K12

Beijing, China

Global Education Connection

Beijing, China


Shenzhen, China

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